[Southern] Middleford

Linda keyna at hot.rr.com
Tue Jul 26 16:54:02 PDT 2005

HE Jan. 
I really didn't think that I would be the one to say this but Middleford is not by any means getting it together the split is worse than ever. Gilli is on a rampage with several other people at Burkhaven. The rest are against them and others are in the middle and getting hit by both ends. The seneschal has no control at populas meetings. He needs to control his wife. She is starting to get out of hand against Gilli. You should here some of the stuff she wanted to do on the list to gilli. and vice versa. Estaban's posting was totally out of line and it had nothing to do with burkhaven. She did this little event all her own and Gilli offered his place is all. The garb thing at the last populas was also another misunderstanding. Liam had his hand over his mouth and I didn't even here the answer like I said gilli asked again and Moira blasted him for nothing and then Louise got into it. Like I said There is no cohesion within the group what so ever. The preasure is building again and there is going to be another eruption like in March.
This is from standing in the back and watching. We need help!
HL Keyna

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