[Southern] Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance Champion ~ 2006

trisha marlowe sillyzills at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 20 08:37:10 PST 2006

Greetings unto all,
    I would like to take a moment to congratulate our new Kingdom Middle 
Eastern Dance Champion,
HL Rhiannon NiBryan MacLaughton of Seawinds.  She performed a Gupta style 
Indian dance which was as beautiful as it was unique.  Our runner-up was 
Lady Kajira of the Barony of Weisenfeuer who performed a sword dance that 
was lovely to behold.  I would also like to acknowledge Lady Rosalinda of 
the Barony of Bordermarch who not only danced beautifully using scarves, but 
SANG at the same time, that's right, I said SANG - this is the first time I 
have ever seen such a thing and I was extremely impressed.  Very period, 
very brave!!  You would never catch me singing, EVER!!!
    I would also like to thank everyone who did their part in keeping this 
competition alive ~ without you  it cannot go on.  Thank you to the dancers, 
the musicians, the audience, those of you who donated the largess or helped 
in any way with the organization of the championship.  I am extremely 
grateful to you all.............

is-salaam galakum!
     ~*~ tareija

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