[Southern] Reserve your Gulf Wars Land Now!

elizabeth at crouchet.com elizabeth at crouchet.com
Mon Jan 29 19:13:21 PST 2007

Reserve your Gulf Wars Land Now! 

You must be preregistered to reserve a camping space. If you do not preregister in time you will only be allowed to 
camp in the Ansteorra General area and not with your friends 

Register now by mailing in the form or do it online. Both can be obtained at www.gulfwars.org. 
IF registered by mail, all forms and fees must be mailed and post marked no later than January 31st. 
IF registered online, you must be registered no later then February 14th.

Once you pre-reg, you need to contact me and give me (for each individual registered):

SCA Name
Mundane Name
Group Camping with
Tent size 

You may also include your registration number if you have one to help with tracking. 

Each person only gets 15 x 15 feet of space for their use. That includes all common spaces alloted to a camp area. We 
do not restrict tent sizes, but please keep this in mind when choosing your tent and how many people will be in it. 

For those people who are camping in "permenant" land with their group, I still need your info. We use that 
information as a crosscheck with the information we get from the main staff to make sure everyone is there. This 
helps to eliminate issues at Troll.

If your group has a coordinator that will be arriving on site the first day, please have them get in touch with me with 
information about your group. This will also allow us to double check the information before it becomes an issue at 
Troll or when directing people to camps. I highly encourage the use of a group coordinator as it helps make things to 
run smoothly. 

If your group or the head of your "permanent" land group is in the Southern Region of Ansteorra, send your 
information to me. You can reach me at elizabeth at crouchet.com. If you have further questions you can also contact 
the general land steward at Ansteorranland at gulfwars.org.

If you have previously contacted me but did not include complete information, please resend that to me. 

I look forward to seeing you all at the War.

Claire Shayhan
Southern Land Coordinator

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