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Greetings Ansteorra,

Ursae-Lyons is rapidly approaching.  Fighters please send a letter of intent immediately, by email to clternus at sbcglobal.net or postal mail.  We haven't received many, and we hope more of you will travel to our fair lands to fight in our tournament.

If you plan on entering the mace crest tournament, please check that your crest measures up to the specifications laid out on the event website.  Just click on mace crest tournament.  Remember, no stuffed animals and no pyrotechnics!  Also remember, that the point of the mace crest tournament is to have fun and destroy crests.  Don't make your crest indestructible.  Indestructible crests will be removed from the tournament.

Notes about site.  
This is a primitive site.  At present there is no potable water down at the camping.  We're hoping that will change by the weekend of the event and that there will be potable water at the beginning of the camping area, near gate.

The speed limit is 10 mph.  The site owner is serious about the speed limit.

The list field may be set up near the road going through the site.  Please arrive before the tournament starts, so that we don't have cars driving through during the tournament, which rather ruins the festive atmosphere.  Parking is at the far end of the campsite, though there will be limited parking for latecomers near gate.

We've had some problems with ACCEPS, but the administrator and we hope the problems have been solved.  ACCEPS is still open for a few more days and is a hassle-free way to sign up for feast and to get through gate quickly.  http://acceps.ansteorra.org/regit/kingdom_event_display.php?kid=1

As a reminder, the A&S theme is medieval bestiary.  

Pumpkins will be provided for carving; bring your own tools.

For the service-oriented, there will be a Protoges' lunch at mid-day and a Pelicans' Circle after the fighting ends.

In the evenings, the tavern will be open, and Sunday morning brings the Longship omelet breakfast.  We look forward to seeing you and enjoying fun and fellowship at a beautiful new site. 
Radegund and Godwyn
Baroness and Baron of Bjornsborg

Event website: 

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