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Melissa Baxter-Kosub mbaxter66 at satx.rr.com
Sun Feb 1 09:42:56 PST 2009

Tidings came to brave Robin Hood under the Greenwood tree
“Come prepare you then my merry men we'll go yon sport to see.”
Forth from the Greenwood they are gone with hearts all firm and stout
Resolving then with the sheriff’s men to have a hearty bout…
-- “Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow”

Come one and all who have skill with bow and swordsmen who would see justice
done in Nottingham! A grand contest of the bow will be held in Sherwood and
as Robin’s men will undoubtedly contend the sheriff’s men will not be far.
Armed skirmishes are sure to break out!

The Barony of Bjornsborg invites you to enjoy a Day in Sherwood. The
morning’s activities will include novelty target archery shoots as well as a
“live target” combat archery shoot. A luncheon feast will be served followed
by an afternoon of melees for both heavy weapons and rapier fighters in the
woods and in the open field. Heavy weapons melees will include combat
archery. This will be your last chance to get in some melee practice before
Gulf Wars and your last chance to be authorized for GW combat archery. 
As the day wanes a Bardic competition will be held under the spreading
Gallows Oak. Prizes will be awarded to the best target archer the best
combat archer the best bard and the person who best exemplifies the spirit
of Sherwood. A war chest will be filled to be divided among the victors of
the melees.

More information can be found on the Bjornsborg website:  www.bjornsborg.org.

Site Fee is $13 for adults, 
$12 for 17 yrs old to 6 yrs old, 
And free for 5 and under. 
Receiving a 2 dollar discount for using ACCEPS. 
Family max- $39 at gate and $33 using ACCEPS
 Luncheon Feast $7 

Luncheon Menu by Oksana Goncharova
All the dishes come from "Forme of Cury" (14th Century English)

Tables will be set with:
Roo & Pygges in Mawe (Venison Sausages)
Neowe Fruyt (Fresh Fruit)
Chese (Assorted Cheeses)

First Course:
Roo Broth (Venison Stew)
Rapes and Pasturnakes in Pottage (Carrots and Root vegetables)
Frumente (Barley)
Payndemayn & Botere (Bread and Butter)

Second Course:
Bukkenade (Meat and vegetable dish with almond milk)
Perrey of Pesoun (Peas and Onions)
Rauioles (Ravioli with cheese and sweet spices)

Third Course:
Peeres in Confyt (Pears in a sweet wine sauce)
Daryols (Custard tarts)
Rysshews of Fruyt (Fried balls of mixed fruit)

Elisava "Bess" Illiesca
Nys Thornton
10119 Windburn Trail
ConverseTexas 78109
thebloodymistress at satx.rr.com


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