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I will be the camping liason/contact for Ffynnon Gath.  I will gather the information and get it to you.  Everyone who wants to camp with us has been instructed to pre-register as Ffynnon Gath.  Should anyone contact you and try to pre-register as Rhoadd or Amazons, please let me know.  There will be no Rhoadd and/or Amazon camp this year.
Baroness Janais L'orfevre
Shire of Ffynnon Gath

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It's that time of year again.  Gulf Wars XVIII will soon be upon us.  Mailed

registrations must be postmarked by January 31 and online registrations must 
be done by February 18.  Registration forms may be obtained at the web site 
http://www.gulfwars.org or you may register online through ACCEPS.

On the registration form there is a line for "Group Camping With". 
For those 
new to the process, land in Ansteorra is allocated based on camping groups.  
These are usually your local shire or barony or a household.  Please fill in 
this line with the group you intend to camp with.  If you are not sure, put 
your shire or barony.

If you fail to pre-register you will be placed in the Ansteorra General 
camping area.

If you or the coordinator of your household live in the Southern Region, 
please also send me an email with the following info:

SCA and MUNDANE name of each person you registered
AGE of each person under 18
The DAY each person will arrive at Gulf Wars
Confirmation number you received when you registered (if available)

Also, as a courtesy, please add the dimensions of all tent(s) you plan to 
bring, including tent ropes.

Lord Colin MacNachtan
Southern Regional Land Coordinator
Southern mailing list
Southern at lists.ansteorra.org

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