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And there will be dance from 7-9pm!



Greetings all!

The Shire of the Shadowlands will be hosting a War Practice on Sunday the
26th of February.  All styles of combat are welcome: rapier, chivalric, and
combat archery.  We will have authorizing marshals of all styles in
attendance.  Please join us for a day of fighting, melees, authorizing,
fun, and combat!  Shadowlands has a substantial number of fighters, and we
challenge our neighbors to bring forth units larger than ours.  We offer
you a two-fold opportunity: sate your combative urges and help potential
fighters and archers get the melee experience they need in order to get
authorized and join us on the field at Gulf War.  <nudge nudge>

The details are below.  Please copy this information to other lists as you
are able.  I hope to see blades and bodies in abundance on the 26th of
February.    Let's knock off that rust and get our units into shape so we
can offer a swift and glorious death to the Trimerans!

What:  War Practice/Authorization Day
Where: Austin's Colony Park Archery Range (link below)
Day: Sunday February 26th
Time:  12pm - 5pm
Combat Styles: ALL (rapier, heavy combat, combat archery of both styles)

Spread the word!  Join us and fight!

kolfinna in kyrra Otarsdottir
Kira S. Langsjoen
Shadowlands Exchequer

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"Do not make someone a priority who only makes you an option"
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