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Greetings From Alina:
This Saturday, February 4 Bryn Gwlad will be hosting Candlemas. This year we are having two drives. 

The first one is our food drive to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank and the other is our blood drive benefiting The Blood Center Of Central Texas. Would you be able to help with either of these worthy causes? If Yes is the answer on the food drive, go to the Candlemas website to get the list of items the food bank is requesting.

On the blood drive would you consider donating blood during the event between 11AM-2PM. The blood drive will be handled by the Blood Bank of Central Texas in one of their large self-contained bloodmobile parked in the parking lot. Do you know anyone attending who could donate blood?

Go to the following link to schedule a time for your blood donation: 

The donation process includes: a private medical-history interview, mini-physical, collecting a unit (about one pint) of blood and having refreshments. Almost anyone in good health (no colds or flu) who weighs at least 115 pounds and is at least 17 years old. ...

For more information:

If you don't want to schedule at this time but would still like to donate during 11AM-2PM, they will accept walk-ins. You need to contact me directly at 
so I can put you on the Walk-In list. On the day of the event, I will coordinate with you and blood drive folks to fit you in the schedule.

Thank You For Considering Donating To Either Of These Worthy Causes,
HL Alina Mitchell
Candlemas 2012 Blood Drive Coordinator

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