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Sun Sep 2 11:01:47 PDT 2001

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      Homemaker's Guild Schedule

              Date         Class                 Teacher
      9/11/2001     Beginning Illumination Ly Gwynafwy Sinclaire
      10/9/2001     Crochet  Anne de Bruierre
      11/13/2001     Beginning Bobbin           Lace Aylwin Holbrook
      12/11/2001     Knitting Aylwin Holbrook

      1/8/2002     Basic Woodworking  Ld Angus
      2/12/2002     Basic Leatherwork Ld Dolphin
      3/12/2002     No class scheduled       because of Gulf War
      4/9/2002     Needle tatting Aylwin Holbrook
      5/14/2002     Smocking Aylwin Holbrook
      6/11/2002     Stained Glass Sir Alexis
      7/9/2002     Shoes Sir Alexis
      8/13/2002       Hose Sir Alexis

If you are scheduled to teach - THANK YOU!   You will get a reminder one week in advance, and a call the day before, also.

Annes - Please consider this to be my Homemaker's Guild Report for August - we did not have a meeting - our teacher was unable to attend.

    - Lissa -
Principal of the Homemaker's Guild

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