[Stargate] St. Andrew's Celtic Festival

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Thu Sep 13 08:29:42 PDT 2001

Greetings on and all

As announced at Stargate's populace meeting Monday and in a
previous email, we have been invited to participate in St.
Andrew's 2nd Annual Celtic Festival (19th & Heights Blvd.) on
Sunday, Sept. 23rd from 12-4.  The dancers are scheduled to take
the stage from 2-3.  We will be followed by the two (or three)
time World Champion St. Thomas' Drum & Pipe Corp.  I can tell you
they are something to behold.

I'm seeking volunteers in all areas (chivalric, rapier, A&S,
bardic and information).  Also any pictures would be wonderful.
You are not required to volunteer the full four hours but 1 or 2
hours would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

I understand all SCA volunteers will get food/drink tickets,
therefore, please contact me (for a head count) if you plan to

Lady Isabeau Quiquandon
(m/k/a Terri Walker)
Stargate Seneschal and
'Acting' Hospitaler

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