[Stargate] An Invitation

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Thu Feb 21 16:20:53 PST 2002

Greetings to all Good Gentles & Howdy to you folks that aren't so good! :)

Forgive the multiple postings.  I just wanted to let anyone know who didn't
already know that this weekend at the Bjornsborg Ransom Tournament, HL
Thorgard inn Svarti and HL Annes Clotilde von Bamburg, will handfast in a
good old fashioned Norse handfasting.  If you never thought it could happen
to either of us and you want to see this with your own eyes-(the end of the
earth may be coming, we aren't too sure it won't when the ceremony
commences)-everyone is invited to come and watch and eat and drink and revel
and all that good stuff.  Goodies will be given away by the two of us to all
who attend.  Thorgard tells this little Frankish woman he is handfasting
that this is what they do "up North".  Hmmmm....In my country we generally
just get rousing drunk and fight most the night, then steal whatever isn't
nailed down, but I'll do it his way.  So everybody come and have fun.  The
handfasting is tentively scheduled for the late afternoon-after the fighting
and before court/feast.  I'll be looking for you!  Until then, I remain....
In Service,
Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen

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