[Stargate] Job Opportunities

Lodin badaxxe_69 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 14 15:31:14 PST 2002


We currently have several openings with my
We have openings for ramp service clerks and
I believe I will have a full time shift opening
up in my warehouse. The pay starts at $8 per hour,
it is union and we have a full benifit package is
available. The union thing isn't a big deal they
sign you up when they hire you. If anyone see's
Bowen ask him how stressful my warehouse is.
For the ramp you must be able to lift bags in
excess of 40-50 lbs. Please bring a complete 10 year
background with you with complete addresses and phone
numbers. It must be a full 10 years even if it was
junior high. Also we are hiring one person for front
counter at American Airlines Cargo. Drug tests are
required for all positions. If you have any questions
please e-mail me or give me a call @ 281-443-7719 ask
for Chuck. The AA desk starts a little higher.

                           Best Regards,

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