[Stargate] Drop in Attendance

Delphina Champeaux lady_rapier at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 20 10:28:53 PST 2002

The move could be part of it.  I know that for me the
traffic flow is a great problem to get there and most
of the time I just don't want that headache. (Work has
also been bad lately... after school tutoring.)   I
have no ideas for a better place to have it though.
Traffic for one person is an easy drive for another.

It could be that people need to get used to the new
place.  The if you build it they will come.  Time will
fix this one.

It could also be that war took everyone's extra time.

Just some thoughts.


--- stargate_seneschal
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> Greetings unto the Populace of Stargate,
> Their Excellencies and I have noticed a marked
> decrease in
> populace meeting attendance and wondered at its
> reason.  We would
> welcome any feedback regarding this matter and any
> suggestions
> that may help resolve the situation.  We thought it
> maybe due to
> the location change.  If this is problematic, please
> let us know
> along with any other location suggestions you might
> have.
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