[Stargate] luncheon kitchen help needed - laurels' prize tourney

Tom & Kim Smith smithfamily at paxway.com
Mon Jul 12 20:03:18 PDT 2004

hello everyone !

Now that AAA is over it's time to turn attention to Laurel's Prize Tourney
LUNCH. all you COOKS come on out to help ;)

My faulty memory: The following people mentioned, turned me down, or
discussed that they might be interested in helping. (I can't remember...)
brenna (j dudley)
snorri's and groa's roommate (name?)
aanyone I might have forgotten

I have decided not to do bread because there are both cobbler and noodles in
this meal. where we will need the most help is with the soups, especially
the homemade noodles.

please bring rolling pins.

This is the skeleton plan, more later.
I need volunteers to:
1. Monastery Lentils: set the lentils to soak 8 am, boil them at 9 am,
reduce sherry by one half in a separate frying pan, puree cooked lentils
with a stick blender, and add all ingredients including the spices and
reduced wine at 10. finish cooking and adjust seasoning. This soup tends to
burn on the bottom so you can't turn your back on it. Done by 11:15. served
with chives, chopped parsley, and a dollop of sour cream. I need one person
to be responsible for this.

2. Chicken Soup with Homemade Noodles: thaw and heat the chicken stock. make
and boil the homemade noodles in the stock. bring a rolling pin. add the
meat and veg right before serving, adjust seasoning. Done by 11:15. this
will involve several people intense work for about an hour between 10-11.

3. wash and arrange fruit in a large bowl. people can take their own.

4. make preassembled peach cobblers. (melody winter collegium recipe) done
by 11:15.

5. mix green salad, salad dressing on the side in pretty bowls.

6. clean up

7. someone artistic to help with presentation.

8. serve at noon.

I am going out of town for the next few days, will respond when I get back.


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