[Stargate] Fwd: Saturday - packing at Shanahan's

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 16 15:27:25 PDT 2004

Greetings all,  
Sorry for the late notice, but if you don't already have plans for tomorrow, Saturday 7/16, and
are willing to help pack boxes for the move for Shanahan, then we are seeking volunteers.  

Probably need only 5-6 persons, else the house may get overloaded... so if interested give me a
call after 6pm or send email before 6pm, Friday; to let me know you are able and willing. 
Directions to the house listed below.    

I will be providing lemonade, and we'll order pizza's for lunch.  

Shanahan has some boxes and tape, but if you have boxes, packing material, tape and a marker, then
bring it.  If you don't have boxes and want to bring some, come by my house and collect a few more
to take up there.  

Let me hear from you if you are able to help.  If we don't get it done on Saturday, she may need
helpers another day.  

Thanks in advance for all your help, 
Hillary Greenslade

Hillary's Home:  281-855-9447 after 6pm. 

--- Shanahan <ms_shanahan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I would love to have you come out tomorrow.  Anytime you would like.  My cell phone is
> 281-639-0452.  I will be packing like a crazy woman all day.  Directions are:
> Go to Magnolia as if you were going to RenFaire.  Once you cross over the railroad and do that
> funny zig-zag, you are on 1774.  Go 1 mile to FM 1486 -- it's the flashing yellow light.  Turn
> right (you can only turn right).  About 4-ish miles down is a Diamond Shamrock station and a
> very narrow bridge.  Start counting the right-hand streets AFTER you cross that bridge.  They
> are:
> Friar Tuck
> Sandy Hill
> So Hall
> Hall N
> Weren
> My street is next after Weren -- Country Oaks Blvd.  There is a white 'wall - subdivision
> entrance-thingy' on either side of the street.  Turn right (again, the only way you can turn)
> and go 1.1 miles.
> My House is on the right hand side, tho not visiable from the street.  The lot is wild and the
> ditch is overgrown.  There is a white mailbox with BIG green leaves on the far side of the
> driveway.  There are numerals on the post (24747) and HEDFORD is on the mailbox (the T fell
> off).
> Just turn into the driveway and come about 150 ft to the house.  The backdoor is probably the
> best entrance -- less overgrown.   I warn you in advance, it's a mess.  <snip>
> Diane from Camelot Horse will be bringing over a furniture trailer sometime Saturday afternoon
> for me to start loading with storage type boxes.  That should provide us with room to pack more.

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