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Subject: [SCA-Disaster] Adopt an SCAdian--Long Term Project
From:    "Sharon Gordon" <gordonse at one.net>
Date:    Wed, August 31, 2005 1:50 pm
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On some of the SCA regional lists there are suggestions today to set up a
project to take care of long term SCA needs.  People realize that Katrina
survivors(what's a better name for this than Katrina survivor or
adoptee--will use KS for now) need immediate mundane needs taken care of,
so people are working on that immediately.  However they are thinking that
for the long term that making it possible for them to participate in the
SCA again would help  give something positive for everyone to look forward
to. This would help with returns to a normal life--at least to the degree
that life in the SCA is normal *VBG*.  The thinking seems to be to develop
a catalog of info on each person who would like help replacing their SCA

SCA Name and Persona information, device, colors
Contact info (with maybe this being kept just by organizer or maybe
posting email only) Person's sizes, measurments  (maybe give basic size
(adult medium and give detailed measurements to sponsor) Colors person
looks good in, fabrics they can wear
What was lost or ruined by Katrina? Garb, fighting stuff, camping gear,
feast gear, linens, cookwear, herb and spice collection, books, research
info, toys, baby gear, scrolls, pouches, A&S gear, jewelry, accessories,
photos, medieval garden of plants, regalia, equestrian gear, etc?

And then let Baronies or Households or other interested groups "adopt" a
person or family and work together to  create new items to replace their
lost ones.  Some people  have suggested Gulf Wars as a goal to have things
ready.  If they were given immediately, many people would not have a place
for them.  However it might be that a group could do things in two or
three stages and have some some basic garb in a month or two, a set of
fancy garb and feast gear ready for the person's use at 12th night, and
then the bulk of the items ready by Gulf War.

If people would like to do this, it seems like we would need:

1) A database for the info
2) Someone to create an online and a  printable form for the KS to fill
out. 3) Someone to enter the paper based forms into the database. 
Hopefully the online one would be automatic. 4) A place where potential
sponsors could view the wish lists of the Katrina survivors
   (contact info and specific measurement info being kept separately only
for those who need to know)
5) A place where sponsor groups could ask for additonal collaborators such
as: We can do everything on their wish list except we don't have any
photos from A, B, C, G, and X events. We can do everything on their list
except we need X yards of card woven trim and iron pieces for over the
fire cooking supports. Where can we contact previous King and Queen ABC to
get scroll wording and signatures on the replacement scroll? Does anyone
have a picture of Sir G's banner?
6) List of SCA vendors who can be commissioned for specialized work.  Note
vendors would not be expected to donate things, though they might choose
to donate some things.  But many groups don't have an iron worker, potter,
or furniture maker for example. 8) List of SCA people who are willing to
act as consultants in specialized areas such as garb in a particular time
and place. 9) A person who decides which sponsor offer goes to which
person (at the start there may be serveral offers for one person in 24
hours). Person should update database daily if possible.
10) Some people to check in with the sponsor groups to make sure things
are going to plan.  If a sponsor group runs into trouble, a second group
may need to assist or replace them. 11) Someone to coordinate how gifts
get to KS.  KS addresses may change several times over the next 6-12
months so person would need to stay on top of this to keep contact info
current. 12)  ???

gordonse at one.net

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