[Stargate] Gulf War Stargate gift

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 10:37:47 PST 2005

Greetings all, 
I'm going to be pricing out supplies this week for our Stargate gift for the barony to the
kingdoms of the knowne world, to be presented at Gulf Wars by the Crown.  
Our gift is to be a glass encased mirror, with a renaissance type image on the back, sealed using
a copper-foil stain glass process, similar to the decorative arts works from a lady at Tex.

There are 18 current kingdoms(http://www.sca.org/geography/welcome.html) figure we need to make at
least 20, maybe 25, to have a few backups. 

I have a few questions on the subject matter for the renaissance image. 
1. I have several greeting cards or large post cards from museums; with renaissance portraits or
some in a pre-rafaelite renaissance style images.  I also have images from books to tear apart.  
I will avoid using nudity or fantasy themes (no fairy's, dragons, or such).   
The images all should be someone consistent in size, as Elyse is making pouches for them (scrap
brocades excellent for this). 
Do you guys care what image I use?   

2. For the mini-workshop, I will need a location to do the glass cutting and soldiering, that is
covered (in event of rain), but well ventilated for fumes.  
Anyone have a back patio or garage we can use?   

3. Dates - hopefully, we can get this done in one date: 
 - Sunday - Jan. 23rd  (weekend of Round Table)
 - Sunday - Jan. 30th  (weekend of Westgate Winter Collegium)
 - Sat/Sund - Feb. 19/20th  (weekend of Estrella) 
Any preference?  

4. If you have a soldiering iron and/or a glass grinder, or any stain glass tools, 
please advise if you are able to attend, and/or if we can borrow your equipment.  

Thanks all, Hillary 

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