[Stargate] Report from Stargate's Populace Meeting

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I need a copy of the bid for Yule.
When you have a chance.
Adobe by email great.
Fax is 713 718-7957.
Brenna, the Reeve

Kathryn Norris <knorris at merchantsmetals.com> wrote:
Stargate Populace Meeting - June 6, 2005
I would like to welcome the newcomers we had at our Populace meeting.
One family found us through the demo at the museum and the other family
was brought in by the mother who was a member 25 years ago! I hope you
have as much fun playing with the SCA as we do. 

HMNS Demo (June 10-11 & August 27-28) - Stargate and the surrounding
branches have received high kudos from everyone involved, including the
museum coordinators. The demo continues next weekend and the last
weekend in August. Come join us! http://stargatelotrdemo.tripod.com/

Kingdom Dance/Music Symposium (June 18) - David & Antonello are
Westgate's stewards for this event. Please contact them if you can
help, especially with setup on the previous Friday night.
Stargate Yule (December) - Baron Ihon and Baroness Isabeau have accepted
Lady Annalies' bid for Stargate Yule. More information will be given at
a later date. 

Many thanks for Their Excellencies William of Weir and Pippa Rookhaven
and Master Telbyrne for their talk about the History of Stargate. It
was great to hear about the early days of both Ansteorra and Stargate. 
Planned for next month, Katrina of Coventry (Kat) will teach songs of

Please note that many of our officers positions are accepting
applications and some are overdue. If you are interested in applying
for an office, please send a letter of intent to the Coastal officer,
their Excellencies and myself. Also required is a copy of your
membership card and driver's license. If you are just interested in
learning about the office, please consider working for an officer as a
deputy. This is a great way to learn and to serve your barony!
Please review this list of officers and when their warrants are up:
Stargate Seneschal HL Caitlin
Westgate Seneschal Lady Brenna
Castellan HL Gerald
Chivalric Marshal Lord Scarhart
Upon replacement
Chronicler Lady Elies
Exchequer Brenna
Herald Lady Groa
Waterbearer Open

Populace Meetings: Our next meeting will be on second Monday, July
11, due to the Independence Day holiday. 7:30 pm at Ryan's Steakhouse
at 5601 W. 34th, just off the Northwest Freeway (290). 
Business Meetings: 3rd Mondays at 7:30 pm at TE Ihon and HL
Isabeau's house. Please let me know if you need directions.
Fighter Practice: Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm at University of
Houston, entrance 13 (near the Chapel)

HL Caitlin bean Ghearailt
Seneschal of the Stargate
Barony of Ansteorra

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