[Stargate] Museum SCA demo this weekend - Update

Kathryn Norris knorris at merchantsmetals.com
Thu Jun 9 10:05:17 PDT 2005

We hope you plan to come out to the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences
SCA demo this weekend!   Check out our web site at
Here are some notes to make your time more enjoyable:
Setup - The museum doors will open at 7:00 am on Saturday so that the
SCA is able to be completely setup and functioning before the paying
patrons arrive.   If we have to set the tables, pop-ups and pavilions,
it may take 1-2 hours to do all the arranging and display styling.  We
will have donuts available for you so please come early.  

Volunteer Lounge - The museum coordinators have a rest area set aside
for us with a dining table and chairs, refrigerator and tv/vcr.  They
also gave us fruit trays, water and a side dish to snack on.  Please
mark your lunch clearly if you leave it in the refrigerator or it might
be eaten by mistake.

To find the Volunteer Lounge, go to the elevator on the far side of the
dinosaur hall and go down to the basement level.  When you turn left out
of the elevator, you will come to a door marked for Volunteers.  Go into
the office area and the lounge is the second door on the left. 
Unfortunately there is minimal storage on site or in the lounge during
the day and after-hours, so please travel light and leave whatever you
can in your vehicle.  

Parking passes - You may park in the museum's parking garage for free.
When you drive into the garage, push the button for a parking tag.
Bring this into the museum and go to Member Services for a HMNS sticker.
To find Museum Services, go into the museum hall and immediately turn
right down a hall behind the gift shop.  The sticker tells the garage
people that you volunteered and parked for free.

Please remember to use drinking mugs and keep the modern paper packaging
to a minimum or at least hidden.  If you can, please take your lunch
down to the Volunteer Lounge to eat.  There is a McDonald's onsite if
you didn't bring a lunch.
There will be no equestrian for this weekend or the last weekend in
August due to the cost of equestrian insurance.  
If you have any questions, please contact Lady Elizabetta de Medici, MKA
Maria Buchanan. at scarlettmb at sbcglobal.net.  Thank you for your

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