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MessageBelow is incorrect.  Kingdom Dance and Music is taking place on June 18 and is hosted by the Canton of Westgate.  There will be a planning/update meeting on May 23.

Thank you.
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   At the May Stargate Populace Meeting, several things were discussed that might interest you.  



  Westgate will be hosting the Kingdom Dance/Music Symposium  on May 23 with David Dayly and Antonello del Bello as stewards.   http://clancircle.com/kingdomdance/

  We will also be accepting bids for Stargate Yule until the next Populace meeting on June 6th.



  Stargate and the surrounding groups have been approached to do a demo at the Lord of the Rings Museum Exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  We are looking at being there on the June 4-5, June 11-12 and August 27-28.  The details are still being worked out however.  Please keep reading the Stargate mailing list for more news as it becomes available.  http://www.hmns.org/exhibits/special_exhibits/the_lord_of_the_rings.asp



  By request of Their Excellencies Ihon and Isabeau, the format of the Populace meetings will change.  Please join us on June 6th when TE William of Weir and Pippa Rookhaven will talk about the History of Stargate.  



  It was noted that we have many officer positions that are accepting applications.  Please look over the listing of officers and see if there is an office that you would be interested in doing.  Feel free to contact any of the officers if you have any questions on the position, duties or how to apply.  While some of the warrants are not up until later this year, it is important to get your application in as early as possible so that you can learn the duties as a deputy.  This is an excellent way to serve your barony.  

                                                                                   Warrant date completed:

  Stargate Seneschal        HL Caitlin                             July

  Westgate Seneschal      Lady Brenna                         September

  Castellan                      HL Gerald                             Overdue

  Chivalric Marshal          Lord Scarhart                        Upon replacement

  Chronicler                    Lady Elies                             September

  Exchequer                    Brenna                                  December

  Herald                          Lady Groa                            July

  Waterbearer                 Open                                    Open


  Other notes: Lady Maria will be hosting a Going Away party for Groa and Snorri at her home on July 17th.  More details later.


  Populace Meetings: 1st Mondays at 7:30 pm at Ryan's Steakhouse at 5601 W. 34th, just off the Northwest Freeway (290).  Garb optional (clothing required, Francois J)

  Business Meetings: 3rd Mondays at 7:30 pm at TE Ihon and HL Isabeau's house. bandb at ev1.net  

  Fighter Practice: Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm at University of Houston, entrance 13 (near the Chapel)

  Barony of Stargate's webpage: stargate.ansteorra.org (no www)        

  Barony of Stargate's email list: stargate at ansteorra.org

  Canton of Westgate: http://westgate.ansteorra.org

  Many thanks, 

  HL Caitlin bean Ghearailt

  Seneschal of the Stargate

  Barony of Ansteorra


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