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Clay R. scafaelan at yahoo.com
Sun May 15 14:12:54 PDT 2005

Greetings Stargate!
I recently moved to your Barony from the wonderful Barony of Bryn Gwlad and I am looking forward to attending meetings and coming out to fighter practice.
I do have one small issue, however, and if anyone could lead me in the right direction - I would appreciate it.  I am having a very difficult time finding employment in the Houston area (I've had several interviews and applied a countless amount of places) and I cannot seem to find something.  If anyone knows of anyone or any place seeking employees and could contact me - I would be more than grateful.  I cannot afford internet access at this point - so if you would like to contact me by telephone that would be great!
You may reach me at (713) 942-2588 or contact me by cell at (832) 287-1368.
Best wishes and a heartfelt thanks,
Lord Faelan mac Eogain
mka Clay Reid
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