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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon May 16 10:22:56 PDT 2005

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> Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 14:12:54 -0700 (PDT)
> From: "Clay R." <scafaelan at yahoo.com>
> Subject: [Stargate] Off Topic:  Need Assistance
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> Greetings Stargate!
> I recently moved to your Barony from the wonderful Barony of Bryn Gwlad and I am looking forward
> to attending meetings and coming out to fighter practice.
> I do have one small issue, however, and if anyone could lead me in the right direction - I would
> appreciate it.  I am having a very difficult time finding employment in the Houston area (I've
> had several interviews and applied a countless amount of places) and I cannot seem to find
> something.  If anyone knows of anyone or any place seeking employees and could contact me - I
> would be more than grateful.  I cannot afford internet access at this point - so if you would
> like to contact me by telephone that would be great!
> You may reach me at (713) 942-2588 or contact me by cell at (832) 287-1368.
> Best wishes and a heartfelt thanks,
> Lord Faelan mac Eogain
> mka Clay Reid

My Lord, welcome to the Stargate area.   
As for internet access, all Houston area libraries have internet access and it's free. While it's
available for limited time periods (30 min. per user), it will give you the chance to roam for job
postings and perhaps submit online resume's.  

Next, you did not state what type of job you are seeking?  If you can be a bit more specific, it
will help us to guide you to the right postings.  
Welcome again, Cheers, Hillary 

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