[Stargate] Sewing/Craft Day -- Sunday, May 29, 10:00 a.m.-?

Jennifer Smith ladydaungerous at yahoo.com
Thu May 26 14:53:33 PDT 2005

Bring your in-progress and gestating sewing and craft projects, your sewing machines, your patterns, whatever. Oh, and some fabric would be good too.
We have two middling-size tables (one for cutting, one for sewing?). Open house at Maureen & Malachai's, 10 a.m. to whenever. 
We'll have some nibbles and roast a turkey for mid-afternoon. Bring whatever you like to drink. Bring garb movies or whatever you like to watch. It'll be social time, too!
Where: 15411 Town Green Drive, Houston, TX 77083. 
Take your best route to the intersection of Highway 6 going south and Beechnut on the west side of Houston. Take a right on Beechnut. At the first four-way stop, take a left. The road is Gaines or Winkleman. Continue on that road. It will curve sharply to the right and then soon thereafter curve sharply to the left. Instead of following it left, keep going straight. Take a left at the stop sign (the road is called Whispering Willows). Take the second right, which is Town Green Drive. Our house will be on the left. You'll have to park on the street.
If you get lost or if you just want to hear our sweet voices, call 281 568 3295.

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