[Stargate] IP Meeting - Sunday, October 23 7:30 p.m.

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Wed Oct 19 14:24:56 PDT 2005

This is a friendly reminder that the IP (Interested Parties)
meeting is this Sunday, October 23rd @ 7:30 p.m.
Below are four areas along with a specific project each that we
believe can be addressed immediately.  You will note from the
Populace notes (appended below) that there are other projects that
also might be implemented if there is sufficient interest.  If you
have a concern for the projects below and/or a desire to be
involved in their implementation, please come.  We recommend
limiting this meetings's discussion to the four major areas.  It
seems to make sense to us to pick a few things and do them well,
then try many things and perhaps do them less well. 

Our address is 7219 Majestic Oaks (at Kindletree) -- Majestic Oaks
is one block north of Gulf Bank off North Houston Rosslyn.  You
can only turn west off of North Houston Rosslyn.  Continue to the
end of Majestic Oaks.  We're on the left.  If you need more
specific directions call 713.896.0026.

These are the areas for this Sunday's IP meeting:

1. Increasing membership -- Irish Pub Night
2. Community building within the Barony -- Coordinating presence
at events
3. Increasing fighter base - regional practices and challenges at
Sunday in the Park
4. Assimilating newcomers -- fostering program
ihon & Isabeau
Baron & Baroness of Stargate


Maintaining membership
            old-comers revels
            increased persona play
            baronial pot-lucks
            Youth activities by and for youth
                  parent schedules – one hour for each charge at
the event
                  page program
            mini revels

Increasing membership

            TRF Booklet
            Houston Press

            Mucky Duck/ Molly McQuire's Pub Nights in garb

      Assimilating newcomers

            Getting people plugged in to activities
            volunteer sign-ups at gate
            'non-specialized' activities at events (games that all
can play)
            workshops on non-local event weekends
            SCA 'from the ground up' – $25-50 projects to help
with garb, period
                  encampment, etc
            Include 'expertise' areas in the Domesday

      Getting to events and getting others to our events in a time
of economic hardship

            Stargate list /new Yahoo group for learning who is
going to what and car
                  pooling possibilities

      Increasing fighters
            Challenges to other groups to battle at Sunday in the Park
            Regional practices at Sunday in the Park
      Increasing Stargate identity
            Stargate list /new Yahoo group for learning who is
going to what events

                   and carpooling possibilities
            B and B Progress

Community building and in-SCA visibility

      Camping together
      Feasting together
      dressing in Stargate colors (or lack of colors :) )



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