[Stargate] Moving Stargate Populace

Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
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And to tell you the truth, it was.
We need to discuss this from time to time, and this is a good place to do
it.  It's about the only place I'm going (I have enough to do in my life to
go chasing after discussion groups, thank you).  With the exception of Their
Excellencies'  decision to try to make the populace meeting less of a
"business" meeting and more of a social/educational meeting for the
populace, I haven't heard or read much discussion on this particular list
about the subject.  
Do I have any suggestions?  I think that their excellencies and our
seneschal are on the right track; allow the populous meeting to be a social
gathering.  I keep kicking myself that I forget to wear garb, even if it's
nothing more than throw a simple "rig" together of shirt, pants, boots and
I wish I could find a "better" place for a meeting; Ryan's fits the bill,
and we can eat while we're there, but we're kind of distracted by some of
the everyday things that go on (the ice-machine of DOOM!, the wait staff,
other parties in the other room, etc.), and we can fill the room up fast
with the group that comes in every month already.
But it's not easy finding a meeting place open to the public that holds 20+
people for the price we're willing to pay (nothing).  It gets harder when we
try to take into account how to get to the meeting place, what times,
So I don't have a whole lot to suggest right now.   Sorry. 


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It sounds as if it's not a really popular idea. I thought it was worth
floating to the populace for commentary, though.

Signora Mea Passavanti <ldy_passavanti at ev1.net> wrote:

Personally, I'm against moving the meetings to Sunday in the park simply
because I would not be able to attend them on a regular basis. Christoforo
and I both do a lot of traveling for events right now, and we both need the
down time on Sunday afternoon/ evening.

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