[Stargate] idea for event

betta ladylisabetta at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 11:01:11 PDT 2006

Just a thought, for an event that is oriented toward service. Apparently some other Kingdoms are doing this to good effect. It would have classes and presentations on things like autocratting, feastcratting, marshalling classes, holding offices (kingdom and/or Shire), coordinating with the modern world (i.e. troubleshooting with 
the police, municipality regs and laws, insurance, etc), a Pelican 
question/answer session, how to serve the royalty and/or how to be a 
royal liason, Gulf Wars staffing, and having Knights and Laurels teach 
about how to approach service when service is not your primary 
interest. These are just a few that have been suggested other will no 
doubt be added. It would also require a peer lunch and a feast. 
Probably not a fighting event though.

Opinons & Thoughts.. 

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