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> Subject: [Loch-soilleir] idea for an event
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> Just a thought, for an event that is oriented toward service. Apparently some other Kingdoms are
> doing this to good effect.  It would have classes and presentations on things like autocratting,
>  feastcratting, marshalling classes, holding offices (kingdom and/or Shire), coordinating with
> the modern world (i.e. troubleshooting with 
> the police, municipality regs and laws, insurance, etc), a Pelican 
>  question/answer session, how to serve the royalty and/or how to be a 
> royal liason, Gulf Wars staffing, and having Knights and Laurels teach 
> about how to approach service when service is not your primary 
> interest. These are just a few that have been suggested other will no 
> doubt be added. It would also require a peer lunch and a feast. 
>  Probably not a fighting event though.
>   Opinons & Thoughts.. 
>   Lisabetta
The last several years, King's College events have been encouraging just such classes, and as such
the class tracks have increased from historic 4-5 tracks to 10-12 tracks, as more have been
teaching service oriented classes, as well as pure history and fighting technique; and as the
Pelican's have been teaching and encouraging classes on service.    

Also, Westgate tossed around the idea of doing a 'service' oriented theme for a future Westgate
Winter Collegium, so that maybe a good venue for a focus area such as suggested. 

It's a good idea for an event, and thankfully, one that I've heard mentioned recently by others as
well; so perhaps it's time has come.  

Cheers, Hillary

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