[Stargate] King's College to host fundraiser for Tucker baby expenses

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 23 17:13:10 PDT 2006

This last week has been a difficult time for Susan and Michael Tucker (Sahira and Michael
Silverhands) as their infant son was rushed to Texas Children's Hospital with an apparent
breathing problem.  Little Mikey has been a fighter and has improved 'miraculously', the doctors
has said, in major part due to the many prayers and good wishes from family and friends (keep it
up).   It's hoped that their son will respond well enough to return home by the first of next

While Michael and Susan have insurance, the costs out-of-pocket will be large, as I'm sure you can
imagine.  To that end, friends have wanted to do something tangible to assist, so I have organized
taking a monetary collection at King's College this weekend, to help defray expenses.  

If you are interested in participating, please locate the donation box in the main hall, or find
me on site.  Michael and Susan have kindly agreed to let us assist in helping in this small way
and offer their thanks for this effort.  

Yours, Hillary Greenslade
(apologies for the multiple postings)

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