[Stargate] Cubscouts

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Tue Nov 14 17:16:30 PST 2006

Our den all wore tabards made by Alesone and I showed up in gorget and helm!

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>Christopher (Little Ragnar) is a Cub Scout and this month the theme is 
>"Cubs in Shining Armor."  I'm impressed that a Pack thought to contact the 
>SCA about visiting a fighter practice - even I didn't think to do that!
>   Hec and I are going to outfit most of our troops leaders in garb at the 
>Pack meeting at the end of the month.  I was wanting to take pictures and I 
>would like to have a back drop.  Would it be possible for me to borrow one 
>of the "wall" panels from Stargate?  And if so, who should I contact about 
>getting it?  I promise to return it in time for Yule.
>   Rowan
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