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> Hospitaler's Hideaway
> Hi all.  It's been a really busy month for everyone, with events and such.
> We've got a few more busy months coming.
> We had a family of newcomers for the meeting this month.  I'm still looking
> for someplace to have the meetings.  If anyone knows of someplace I can have
> the meetings, please let me know.
> If anyone has some suggestions for classes for the Newcomers meetings,
> please let me know.  I'm trying to put a list of people who can teach
> different classes so we have it for events and meetings like this.  It will
> give us an easy way to look it all up.
> Any other suggestions, let me know.
> In Service to the Dream,
> Lady Elizabeta Maria dei Medici
> Maria Buchanan
> Hospitaler - Barony of the Stargate
> 281-433-0347

Maria - 
You may want to consider having the meetings at a local library.  
You will run into the same issues that Stargate is having for populace meetings in scheduling
conflicts, but it's an option.   We also have found over the years that meetings in common, public
locations are good for newcomers.   Something for you to check out.  
I also believe that the seneschal has to register the meetings for you. 

Good luck, Hillary 

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