[Stargate] Height's library hours

Steve Scott dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 21:00:15 PDT 2006

I'm afraid 1st Monday is going to be popular just about everywhere.  It may be that if we are willing to look a couple of months into the future that we can get 1st Monday, then fill out a year's worth of forms reserving it on out for awhile.  It may just take a little planning ahead.

Gulfgate would not be good for Gwen and me either.  Collier is actually best for us.

Bad Ice Machine!  Bad! Bad!  ;-)


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On 10/11/06, Steve Scott <gadgetech3142 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Houston Public Library, Collier Branch, which is on Pinemont near Bingle,
> is open until 9:00pm.  I have the forms to fill out to reserve their meeting
> room, which will seat about 60 people.  I will bring them to Business
> Meeting, or I can scan one and email it if needed sooner.  The only problems
> are that you have to fill out a form and reserve the room for EACH meeting,
> and first Monday is already booked for November and we were told that it is
> a popular meeting day for that room.  We may need to change nights, and we
> will need to probably start at 7:00pm.
> Dietrich

Or find a library where 1st Monday of the Month is not as popular. Any of
the libraries in the northern part of Stargate is ok with me. Put it in
Gulfgate and the populace would have to do without me. Starting at 7 is no
problem for myself. I like the idea myself of getting out earlier.

Ryan's has always been too noisy. I did like the "familyness" of eating
together but that dang ice machine!!!  Eating after is not an option for me.
Way too late and is inviting tummy troubles so that would be bye-bye for me.

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