[Stargate] Stargate Yule and Kingdom Dance

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Dietrich, KDMS usually runs 5-6 simultaneous dance (related) classes/tracks
throughout the day.  does the site allow enough space for this and other
generic non-related Yule classes?  if not, i'd like to assume that the KDMS
portion of the event will get preference over others for classroom space
since Yule doesn't necessarily NEED to have class options.


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  You may want to check in with Dietrich, the Yule autocrat.  He announced
the church site, and I believe it's a new one we haven't used before, so I
don't know what kind of space accomodations it has available for classes and
dance classes together.
  But, agree that you have raised a valid question.

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Thanks for the update from those of us that didnt make it.

The classes at Yule which Annes is handling concern me in that there is
usually a fairly expansive set of classes and tracks for KDMS. will there
be enough room at the site for the usual five or more classes geared solely
to dance? unless there's a planned change to the format of what KDMS used
to be (and i'm sure adjustments will be made), that portion will need a
goodly amount of space.

can someone speak to this point?


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