[Stargate] Stargate Yule and Kingdom Dance

Gwendolene McIver gwendolene at iwon.com
Mon Jul 9 18:22:38 PDT 2007

I'm not Dietrick but I do live in the same house, There will b plenty of space. Also if it is a warm winter again this year, then there will be even more space. Enough room for all kinds of classes. And I was under the impression The Lady Rionion <sp> (I don't spell names that well)was in charge of getting that part together. Was I mistaken?

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Dietrich, KDMS usually runs 5-6 simultaneous dance (related) classes/tracksthroughout the day.  does the site allow enough space for this and othergeneric non-related Yule classes?  if not, i'd like to assume that the KDMSportion of the event will get preference over others for classroom spacesince Yule doesn't necessarily NEED to have class options.A-----


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