[Stargate] My apologies to those who may get this more than once

Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 16:28:04 PST 2007

I know everyone is tired of my boobs.....well....hearing about my boobs
anyway.....so I will make this short and sweet.....

I saw the surgeon today (ask me how I made two seasoned doctors blush and
giggle like a couple of school girls). The news is.....





There was no invasive tissue found in the tissue removed from my breast. The
margins of the cut were completely clean with no neoplasma found.

In other words, this cancer is gone....

Even better....I *do* fall into that 40% of women with DCIS (ductile
carcinoma in situ) who once the cancer is surgically removed, ***DO
NOT***have to undergo radiation therapy.


I dodged most of this bullet, children, with (at the moment) nothing worse
than an ugly scar, a partial masectomy (what they technically call a
lumpectomy....gave me a bit of a start to see that in my records), and an
increased mammogram schedule.

I am celebrating by eating every single one of my favorite foods tonight and
may die from too many carbs, chocolate, caffeine, and preservatives but its
a risk I'm willing to take.

Now ....I can concentrate on WAR!!!!!!

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