[Stargate] My apologies to those who may get this more than once

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>I know everyone is tired of my boobs.....well....hearing about my boobs
> anyway.....so I will make this short and sweet.....
> I saw the surgeon today (ask me how I made two seasoned doctors blush and
> giggle like a couple of school girls). The news is.....
> drumroll......
> ........
> ........
> .......
> There was no invasive tissue found in the tissue removed from my breast. 
> The
> margins of the cut were completely clean with no neoplasma found.
> In other words, this cancer is gone....
> Even better....I *do* fall into that 40% of women with DCIS (ductile
> carcinoma in situ) who once the cancer is surgically removed, ***DO
> NOT***have to undergo radiation therapy.
> I dodged most of this bullet, children, with (at the moment) nothing worse
> than an ugly scar, a partial masectomy (what they technically call a
> lumpectomy....gave me a bit of a start to see that in my records), and an
> increased mammogram schedule.
> I am celebrating by eating every single one of my favorite foods tonight 
> and
> may die from too many carbs, chocolate, caffeine, and preservatives but 
> its
> a risk I'm willing to take.
> Now ....I can concentrate on WAR!!!!!!
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