[Stargate] Tower Watch

ihon & Isabeau bandb.stargate at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 18:30:35 PDT 2007

 Unto the populace of Stargate do we, Ihon and Isabeau, send greetings

Time is growing short as Baronial is a just a few short weeks away.  Hence,
this is your reminder that the deadline for turning in your Watch
application is March 31st.  Below is the application requirements,
which can be emailed to  bandb.stargate at gmail.com.

Application to The Watch shall be by letter of application delivered to the
Baron & Baroness and the Captain of The Watch (once one is in place) written
in a manner appropriate to the applicant's time and culture.  The letter
should introduce the applicant explaining his or her merits, qualities and
qualifications and should include the following:

-- SCA Name
-- Persona period and place
-- Membership Number
-- Given & Surname
-- Address
-- Preferred Phone
-- City, State, ZIP
-- Preferred email
-- Gregorian Year you started in the SCA
-- Offices held

Warm regards,
Ihon & Isabeau
Baron, Baroness

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