[Stargate] Stargate Yule Schedule

Jennifer Dudley jen at clancircle.com
Tue Dec 2 09:24:31 PST 2008

Stargate's 35th Anniversary Yule Celebration is fast approaching.  Please
join us on December the 6th at St. Christopher's Episcopal Church at 1656
Blalock Road Houston, Texas 77080-7321. There are also still a few feast
reservations left

Here is the tentative schedule for Yule and the Class schedule will be
posted soon.

8 am       Site Opens
9am        A&S Setup begins
10 am     Morning Court
              Children's Activities start immediately after morning court
              Classes begin after morning court
11 am     A&S Setup complete
12 pm     Children's Activities break
              Judging for A&S Begins
1 pm       Children's Activities start back up
              Bardic Competition begins
              Garage Sale begins
3:00pm   Judging for the A&S ends
              Garage Sale ends
3:30pm   A&S displays should be cleaned up
4:00pm   Table decorating contest setup begins to be ready for judging by
              Children's Activities Ends
              Classes End
5:00pm   Evening Court
6:30pm   Feast

Currently these are the classes that we have scheduled for the day

Master Galenus Ockhamnesis will be teaching "Modern Time, Medieval Methods,"
a class on telling time with period equipment.
Paraic of Killkenny will be teaching a class on some aspect of Toxophilitic
Baroness Katya will be teaching a class on felting.
Alisone McCay will be teaching a class on Heraldic Achievements.
Alwyn Holbrook will be teaching classes on beginner bobbin lacing and how to
crotchet a snood.

Duncan Hepburn will be teaching a class on hand-struck coinage. This is a
lecture on the history of the coin, as well as the techniques and tools used
to make coins (he will be bringing a portable mint).


Lady Brenna MacDonald
Event Steward

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