[Stargate] Snowing in Stargate

Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 10 16:01:50 PST 2008

> > > Don't know about your area, but right now at 3:30pm on Wedn.
> Dec 10th..
> > > it's SNOWING on the west side!
> > > Wow - something we don't often see in Stargate area!
> > >
> > > Cheers, Hillary
> > > Snowing in gates edge as well
> > Ooh! Teeny little flakes, but definitely snow in Sugar Land!
> > Why do I find this so fascinating? It's so rare!
> > Maureen
> Snowed big fluffy flakes starting south of Tomball near Boudreux
> road on 249 and continued to snow (looked almost like a blizzard) 
> all the way up 249 past Pinehurst and all the way into my 
> subdivision. Stopped almost as soon as I got in the house...
> go figure.
> > It's snowing in Katy :) just lightly but there are distinctive
> > flakes.
> > Brenna

<plaintive note>  I'd *gladly* trade with all y'all at the moment.

Of course, you should understand that I'm still in Wisconsin on
contract, and the forecast is for a low of -7F degrees next Tuesday ...
and I woke up to -1F this morning.  Been more than six inches since
Saturday where I'm at, with drifts up to a foot and a half in some

With flurries tonight and tomorrow.

Am I ever so glad that I spent February in Illinois two years ago, and
still have my parka.

<shivering a bit>
Adieu, Amra

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