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I hope that you and Thorgard will have many more years of learning, loving, living, doing, going, and growing together. 

Brightest of Blessings! 


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Just wanted to let my extended family know that on Jan. 1, Thorgard and I
(12 year relationship; 7 1/2 years handfasted) will legally formalize our
relationship and let the State of Texas know what we have been up to. Just a
formality of that which has been long in place. Most of you were at the
handfasting and this is important but not on that scale. We have asked Kief
to close the circle and sign the marriage license with a small ceremony and
we are having a quiet gathering of 10-20 people to witness. If you haven't
gotten a personal invite, its not that we don't love you, its the fact that
the private residence will not hold more than what we have personally
invited. Hope everyone understands.

PS. No Presents, cards etc. Just give us big hugs next time you see
us....like you wouldn't!!! LOL!!!

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