[Stargate] Raven's Fort Melee request

John Reuter brian_the_french_norman at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 20:24:10 PST 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Ansteorra,

The St. Valentine's Day Melees event being held at the
Stones of Raven's Fort is in dire need of a few
marshals to insure that the activities we have planed
will be safe and fun for every body.

A Siege Marshal and a Combat Archery Marshal are
needed to over see these areas. 

Some foresight was lost in the planning of this great
event and with the Barony of Raven's Fort with out
either of these marshals among our officers I ask the
kingdom to consider the service of their officers who
are known for their big hearts and love of a good
melee. If any marshals can assist with our event
please e-mail me privately.

Again I thank you for you for your time.

Brian du Val
Baron of Raven's Fort

"Do to other as thou wouldst they should do to thee,
and do to none other but as thou wouldst be done to." 

These words can be found in the following:
(including the New Testament, Talmud, Koran, and the
Analects of Confucius). Among the earliest appearances
in English is Earl Rivers' translation of a saying of
Socrates (Dictes and Sayenges of the Philosophirs,

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