[Stargate] March Two Towers Submissions Wanted!

Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 08:15:36 PST 2008

My report:

Greetings Stargate!
It has been my pleasure and honor for these past 4 years to be your
historian. With the new regional system in place it is no longer efficient
for me to remain your historian. I will be stepping out of this office in
May. I need a dedicated and organized person to take my place.

Stargate history contains a number of items that you will need room in your
house to keep. A filing cabinet; several tubs and some artifacts of
antiquity (original coronets etc.). As historian, you keep our local history
(champions, non-armigous awards etc.); keep copies of the newsletter and
champion the telling of the history of a barony whose roots precede this
kingdom's. You also work with the vscribe to update and keep our history
pages. I have a website in the works also for this history which I will give
my successor the passwords for.

If you think you are the person for this most important office, please do
not hesitate to contact me for more information. Send your applications to
the new Coastal Historian, Lord Brian O'hUillium, cadet to Don  Brian
MacCael. His information is in the Black Star. Please remember to send a
courtesy copy to the seneschal and B & B of Stargate.

Applications are due by the middle of April so there is time to transistion
the office smoothly.
I look forward to seeing a number of you step forward for this position.
Until then, I remain...
Forever in Service,
Primary motto: "Muneris ultra Sanitas" *translation* "Service beyond Sanity"
Secondary motto: "Taedium duos limbus pro salus" *Literal translation*
"Wearing two girdles for safety" *Modern Meaning* "Suspenders and a belt"

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