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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 29 16:06:57 PST 2008

  Thursday was the second meeting of the Stargate Scribes Guild at our new location; two new folks joined us.  Special welcome to Bn. Therasia von Tux, from Artemisia, who has moved into the Woodlands area; she has scribal knowledge which I look forward to hearing about as we get to know each other.  Also new to the area and at the first meeting, Lady Diane Gilchrist from the West (or was it Caid, I forget) now living in Katy; also has some art background and shared a display of her work.  
  In addition to painting charter scrolls, the Scribes Guild is discussing the custom Baronial Champions scroll for our April event; a collaborative design of Celtic Knotwork.  At our next meeting, end of March, I'll display and show how to build a few simple knotwork patterns, key and circle designs.  Each scribe will be given a puzzle piece to take home and design something 'knotty'.  Due to the time constraints, in the next few days, I'll post some websites where you can learn about celtic knotwork design. 
  The pieces will be delivered back, and arranged into our scroll.   Next meeting in April, we'll paint the final design.  Thomas atte Woode has agreed to provide the insular script for the text.   Going to be an interesting project, can't wait to see the finished piece!  :-) 
  If you are attending Gulf Wars and want to design your knotwork puzzle piece there, come see me at Scribes Point.  I should have the draft template designed by early week.  
  March 13th (2nd Thursday) - CANCELLED due to Gulf War conflicts. 
  March 27th (4th Thursday) - Meeting
  April 10th (2nd Thursday) - Meeting
  Hope to see many of you at the Scribes Guild.  
  Cheers, Hillary, Scribes Guild
  (PS if you want to receive a private e-mail reminder before the meetings, let me know to add you to the roster. )

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