[Stargate] metalsmith/jewelry classes in Houston

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 20:01:21 PST 2008

  A number of you guys indicated to Elspeth that you are interested in taking classes in metalsmithing and jewelry making, so I suggested to her that I'd post some links to classes in town.  These are NON-SCA, modern classes, with fees, and a list of modern guilds.  
  Guilds:  - meeting programs, classes and workshops
  Houston Gem and Mineral Society: http://www.hgms.org/
  Houston Polymer Clay Guild:  http://www.houstonpolyclay.org/links.htm
  Houston Bead Society: http://www.houstonbeadsociety.org/
  Houston Metal Arts Guild: http://www.hmag.org/
  Schools with Jewelry Classes: 
  Univ. of Houston (under Fine Arts, Sculpture): http://www.art.uh.edu/SCULPTURE/undergrad.html
  Sandy Zilker and Diane Falkenhagen, both fabulous teachers.
  Glassell School of Arts at the Museum of Fine Arts: 
  http://www.mfah.org/  (go to Education, Glassell School of Arts, Adult Studio Classes)
  Sandy Zilker teaches Jewelry and Metals, Jan Harrell teaches Enamels. 
  Art League of Houston: 
  Kathy Kennedy is great with stone setting, and Mary Rogers also teaches at Bellaire High Jewelry Arts program.
  Houston Community College: college of Fine Arts: Jewelry/Metalworking I
  Audry Herber is great, don't know Kataoka,Masumi
  North Harris Community College:  college of Fine Arts: Art Metals I
  Kathy Kennedy and Masumi Kataoka
  Leisure Learning - various classes from time to time:
  The university campus' and arts schools often give you free studio time when the class is not in session and that alone can be worth the cost of admission, to be able to use the tools and equipment till you get a chance to purchase your own.  
  So, there you have it, it's a start.    
  Cheers, Hillary

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