[Stargate] FW: Stargate Fighter Practice

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 13 15:45:16 PDT 2009

Hey Snaebjorn, 
Can you drop us another note and let folks know which area of town you and your lady reside in?.  May make it easier for folks to be able to offer a ride.  
Cheers, Hillary

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Thank you to Sir Godwin passing on this request for me. I have also joined the local mailing lists as my lady and I are unsure when we will be able to return to our home in Aethelmearc. Just a bunch of reasons and nothing bad fortunately. We wished to meet and visit our Ansteorran cousins while we are down here. 
If any can help us get to either the event on Saturday or to the local practice on Tuesday it would be greatly appreciated as our current car isn't capable of driving for very far or long due to transmission problems. Please reply offlist though so as not to tie up your local bandwidth.
In service and friendship,
Snaebjorn Hakonarson
Lord of Bjorkrholti of the Sylvan Lands of Aethelmearc

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