[Stargate] Event setup ... Sorry ...

Maria Buchanan scarlettmb at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 17 19:00:40 PDT 2009

What with the weather I kind of didn't make it to setup tonight.  I hope no one was camping and expecting the light sticks and such up there tonight.  I intend to be at site some time between 7:30 and 8 am tomorrow morning.  I am not bringing the misting tent cause I looked at the weather and I really don't think we're going to need it.  I will have the wash station with me along with a hose for the water there.  I also have toilet paper, paper towels and all that kind of stuff along with lightsticks in case anyone is camping and for the evening.  I have a feeling we may need them all day to be honest.

I'm really sorry I couldn't make it tonight.  I'll see everyone tomorrow.

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