[Stargate] [Hou-announce] Lost & Found Items At Stargate Event (Partial List)

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Sun Apr 19 17:48:22 PDT 2009

Also found, 1 pair of black rapier gloves, the left is a size XL and the right is a size L.  The look like the same type I have gotten from Zen Warrior.  Let me know if they are yours and I will work to get then to you.

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Date: Sunday, April 19, 2009, 2:22 PM

     During the recent Stargate "30 Years of The White Scarf/Conflict At The Fair" event, a rusty tow chain possibly went home by mistake with a fellow SCAer.  The chain was being used to assist vehicles stuck in the mud.  Please check your vehicles and if you find it, please return to HL Eadric Anstapa (of Gate's Edge) or Lady Ciarnat of Firethorn or their Excellencies Ihon & Isabeau (all from Stargate), the last 3 will be at the upcoming Stargate/Loch Baronial event.  
     Also, found was a short handled shovel, square bowled, "D" shaped end handle, with the words Bronco on it.   If you find the tow chain or the shovel belongs to you, notify Ciarnat via the Stargate web page and we will make arrangements to meet and either get the chain back or give you the shovel.  
     Sending out personal THANK YOUS to the following persons for helping me and spouse Leofwine get things done:  Excellency Genvieve for assisting with decorating, HL Eadric Anstapa for lodging & food, Lord Madog of Glastonbury for towing our trailer out of the mud, Lord Vaclav for gathering archery equipment from the field, Lord Padraic of Kilkenny for lunch, Lord Engenulf for miscellaneous help, young Patrick of Gate's Edge for his energetic work with "fighter support", the heroic "Mighty Mud Men & Women" team of  Don Tristan, Crowley & crew from Shadowlands that generously pushed, pulled and toiled in valorous service to free vehicles from the mud pits that were once parking places and the road.  Please forgive me for leaving out anyone's name (with the Might Mud Men & Women team) as I was not acquainted with all who were on that team.   
                                                                                        In Service,
                                                                                     Hospitaler, Stargate
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