[Stargate] OT-ish WTT Blue/white Mykonos Canopy for a white EZ-UP

John Cooney jc at xephius.com
Thu Apr 23 23:53:28 PDT 2009

	I am looking for someone who might have a nice white EZ-UP Canopy  
they would like to trade (or sell) for a "Decor" style blue and white  
striped one? My lady (and I) will be attending some fairs where we are  
required to use icky white canopy tents, so we would like to swap the  
one we have but can't use, for one we can. It is in very nice shape  
and has only been used a few times. It has nice walls and makes for a  
decent field tent.

	Sorry for the interruption, back to the usually scheduled  


Here is a link to my canopy-


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