[Stargate] April 4th Sunday Arts in the Park

ihon & Isabeau bandb.stargate at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 07:17:37 PDT 2009

We had a great time at 4th Sunday Arts in the Park!   Our thanks to Lady
Ciarnat of Firethorn, who had a full compliment of Newcomers/Interested
Persons materials on hand, to Don David Gallowglass, who brought some
fascinating bubble blowers that captured the attention of the kids
(especially Mistress Annes Clothilda von Bamburg :) ), to HL Thomas atte
Wood and his painting skills, to Centurian Thorgard inn Svarti who brought
armor on which to work.

Also, thanks to Dave, Stacy, Ariel and Katya who spent hours with us.  Dave
is a former Atlantian, now living here.  Hopefully, you'll all get a chance
to meet them soon.

We got about 60 percent of the towers painted.  Our May project (May 24th)
will either be finishing the towers or making your own honor shields to
place on the towers.  More on this later.

~ihon & Isabeau~
Baron and Baroness of Stargate

John & Terri Hirling

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