[Stargate] Equestrian practice, and room for other practices as well...

Laura Jean Betenbaugh periodwarhorse at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 26 14:22:07 PDT 2009

Greetings to the list,

This coming Sunday is our final equestrian practice for the month, and since it is the 5th Sunday, there is no conflict with Arts in the Park. We will be saddling up the horses at 5:00, but anyone wanting to come out earlier for other marshal practices, if you have a marshal, we have room, running water, and a privy.

Come out and play. Monors 10 years and older are also welcome, with a parent, closed toed shoes, or boots, and an approved riding helmet.
 If you are bringing your own horse, bring a current negative coggins test.

  Several loaner horses are available, but sharing may be necessary.

  Little moon Farm is at 16916 Brumbelow Rd, Needville TX, 77461.

Lorraine Fraser


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