[Stargate] Equestrian College/Practice Announcement

D Roeske dab32 at cwru.edu
Wed Feb 11 09:37:48 PST 2009

Please cross-post :)

Hello everyone!!

Have you ever wanted to come hang out with the equestrians at an
event, but just haven't had the time?  Are you curious about what it
takes to become an equestrian in the SCA, or just to support them?  Do
you have a horse and just want to come out to play?  Do you NOT have a
horse, but still want to come out and play?  Then come join us for the
weekend of Feb 27-Mar 1 in Seguine, TX for an equestrian
college/official practice.  There will be classes for all experience
levels on Saturday (including ground crew and support personnel), and
Sunday will have time for just horsing around. ;)

If you already have plans for that Saturday (spending the Day in
Sherwood, for example, hint hint wink), you are welcome to join us on
Sunday morning. :)  More information on Bjornsborg's A Day in Sherwood
event is available at www.bjornsborg.org.

Please Note:  the equestrian practice and the Day in Sherwood event
are not affiliated in any way (except for my unofficial plug for their
event, and our site locations accidentally being about 10 miles apart,
making it possible for you to attend both events in the same weekend).

Details are as follows:

--Date: Feb 27 - Mar 1.
--Site opens Friday evening (between 4-6pm) and closes Sunday
afternoon when everyone goes home. ;)
--There is no site fee, since technically this is an official
practice.  However, we will have required waivers and etc, so please
sign in when you arrive.
--There is plenty of room for camping and for trailers. There are
stalls available, and pasture if needed. Please email myself
(dab32 at cwru.edu) and Calena (ponyexpressnotaries at yahoo.com) for stall
or pasture reservations.
--Garb is NOT required.
--Coggins paperwork IS required. Use this as an opportunity to put
together an updated paperwork folder to take to Gulf Wars.
--Supper on Saturday will be a potluck. Calena will provide the meat
(might be hamburgers & hotdogs, might be brisket). Please let us know
what you intend to bring so we don't end up with all potato salad and
no dessert. ;)
--We will do authorizations for ground crew and riding as needed
throughout the day, and possibly Sunday as well.

Our tentative equestrian college/practice schedule:

--Friday evening: early arrivals welcome
--Saturday morning: 10am-12pm, basics of driving and basics of
horsemanship (2 hrs each, 2 different classes).
--Saturday afternoon: basics of, scoring of, and ground crewing for:
    mounted archery
    mounted combat
    our many and varied games
    (possibly) jousting
    buzkashi (with a game to follow)
--Saturday evening (after dark): potluck supper and off-horse classes:
    saddle making
    rope-halter making (tentative)
    followed by discussion of EQ College & Lysts (good, bad, next date, etc)
--Sunday morning-whenever:
    more jousting, practicing games, driving, etc

Since google and most GPS units don't give proper directions to the
ranch, please email myself (dab32 at cwru.edu) and Calena
(ponyexpressnotaries at yahoo.com) for directions, as well as stall or
pasture reservations and just in general to give us an idea how many
people to plan for.

We hope to see you!!


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